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The softshell crab sandwich served at Case’s Place (Credit: Monique Singh-Roy)

It’s not often you’ll see soft-shell crab on a restaurant menu on the North Fork.

It’s Maryland’s signature dish, but on the North Fork we tend to gravitate to lobster rolls, fresh caught fish,  clams and oysters.

So it was a delight when I saw a soft-shell crab sandwich on the menu at Case’s Place in New Suffolk.

According to the restaurant’s operator, Maryann Birmingham, the item was added to the menu because it’s a favorite of her husband and business partner, Ken.

The batter-fried crab comes on a toasted bun, with lettuce, a slice of tomato, pickles, tartar sauce and cole slaw. Along with the sandwich you get a choice of either french fries or potato salad as a side, all for $12.95. Order the house brewed ice tea for $2.50 to complete your perfect summertime lunch.

Biting into the crab sandwich elicits a variety of taste sensations. The crab’s exterior is crunchy, tangy and briny. It’s so fresh it’s like taking a bite out of the ocean. Inside the crunchy exterior, the crabmeat is moist and tender. The tartar sauce gives it just that necessary kick, making every single bite exceptionally delicious.

As I enjoyed my soft-shell crab sandwich, I also marveled at the view, which is a big part of the dining experience at Case’s Place. Located right on New Suffolk’s waterfront, it offers an amazing vista of Peconic Bay and Robbin’s Island right outside its windows and dining deck.

Open just two months, Maryann Birmingham says business at Case’s Place has been great.

“It’s been nice and busy,” she said. “Everyone has been very welcoming and people are enjoying it.”

Case’s Place is located at 650 1st Street in New Suffolk. (631) 734-8686.


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