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It was quite the album release day for Southold’s Brady Rymer June 24.

The local singer was in New York City promoting his 8th album, “Press Play,” when Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler strolled by the studio of the Absolutely Mindy Show, a radio show for kids on Sirius XM Radio.

“The studios are designed so that when you’re on the air, at least one of the walls is glass,” Rymer said. “That’s really smart because all these different people are coming up there for different shows and you never know who’s going to walk by.”

Tyler was appearing on another radio show to promote a single he was releasing that day when Rymer and his band’s instruments caught his eye.

“He came back and peeked in and I could tell that he wanted in on the action, so I waved him in,” Rymer said.

Rymer's bandmates Liz Queler & Claudia Glaser Mussen with Steven Tyler and Brady Rymer at SiriusXM Studios on June 24 (Credit: Bridget Rymer)
Liz Queler (from left), Claudia Glaser Mussen, Steven Tyler and Brady Rymer at SiriusXM Studios. (Credit: Bridget Rymer)

Tyler first performed a song he recorded back in 2013 for the animated children’s film “Epic,” before singing backup on one of Rymer’s songs off the new album.

“We sang the new song ‘One day by the Riverside,’ which has a very simple call and response chord that Steven picked up and he sang this really cool harmony,” Rymer said. “At the end he just said, ‘Wow!’ and shuffled out. It was a very cool experience. He’s a really, really nice guy.”

Rymer, the two-time Grammy-nominated children’s singer, and his band have performed everything from Americana to Zydeco together. Their new album “Press Play” is now available on Amazon and iTunes.

Brady Rymer and The Little Band that Could will perform a live concert at Greenport’s Mitchell Park on Tuesday, July 19 starting at 6 p.m.

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