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Two couples enjoy an afternoon at Clovis Point Vineyard and Winery on Main Road in Jamesport. (Credit: Amanda Lubin)

The day I turned 21, I drove to the liquor store to purchase my first bottle of alcohol. The clerk and fellow shoppers cheered in celebration when they realized it was my first legal-age purchase. I still have the receipt tacked to my corkboard at home.

My parents were also kind enough to purchase me a digital camera for my birthday that year, so many of those initial drinking experiences were all too well documented, unfortunately. I stumbled upon those pictures this summer while cleaning out documents on my computer. A few of those photos, I learned, were taken at Clovis Point Vineyard and Winery. 

This was, of course, my first visit to a winery, and little did I know that I would return.

Clovis Point has many aspects that appeal to people of all ages. The tasting room takes me to another place. Its barn-style decor is simplistic yet chic, and the wine barrels placed throughout the tasting room and back lawn provide Clovis Point with an authentic vineyard feel.

On a visit there this month, Kaitlin Dean, a patron visiting from Stamford, Conn. said, “It is a very welcoming atmosphere for all people looking for an enjoyable afternoon and a good glass of wine. The ambiance is great because of the expansive seating across the lawns, and views which overlook the rows of grapes.”

While enjoying a glass of Merlot, I observed the couples and groups taking photos by the vines. I couldn’t help but notice the backdrop grapes makes for an ideal photo opportunity for any Instagrammer or Twitter user.

Fuchs and friends at Clovis Point. (Credit: Amanda Lubin)
Michael Fuchs and friends at Clovis Point. (Credit: Amanda Lubin)

General Manager Rob Rudko has a good understanding of the Millennials and their interests, and Clovis Point tries to cater to those interests in different ways.

“Young people love to ‘check in’ on Facebook or Instagram, which is why we offer free wifi,” he said.

And while some other wineries are beginning to feature less live music, Rudko said Clovis Point offers it every weekend, selecting acts that appeal to people of all ages. He went on to explain that the young but knowledgeable tasting room staff also relates well to Millennials, and they feel comfortable conversing about the wine.

One crucial aspect which can’t be overlooked is Clovis Point allows you to bring outside food, which is rare for a lot of wineries on the North Fork. Michael Fuchs of Nassau County was pleased to find he and his four friends could sit down with a few bottles of wine and snacks they brought from home, and enjoy the live music from the barrel table on the lawn.

“We came based on a recommendation from a friend,” he said. “It’s refreshing to be at a place where there is outside seating, and you don’t have to worry about busloads of people coming in. It has a down to earth atmosphere, and you don’t feel like you have to ‘keep up with the Joneses. Young or old, everyone likes to share a bottle of wine and food with good friends, and listen to live music.”

If you are looking for a place to enjoy live music and a glass of great wine on a weekend afternoon, head down to Clovis Point at 935 Main Road in Jamesport.

The author is a Connecticut school teacher spending summer break in Peconic for the first time and blogging about it on Check out her other stops along the way:

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