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The new line of men's products at The White Weathered Barn in Greenport (Credit: Vera Chinese)
The new line of men’s products at The White Weathered Barn in Greenport (Credit: Vera Chinese)

How can a respectable bearded gentleman keep his whiskers hydrated and his jawline moisturized during the long, cold North Fork winter?

He can start with a visit to The White Weathered Barn in Greenport.

The Front Street lifestyle boutique has recently unveiled a line of all-natural men’s grooming products with a focus on beard care, according to owner Rena Wilhelm. The new items include beard oil ($18), shave soap ($10), body oil ($18) and a face and body balm ($20).

“We’ve noticed a trend toward beard grooming that’s been around for a couple of years,” Wilhelm said. “The response [to our product] has been fantastic.”

The beard oil, scented with sage, cedar wood and lime, works by softening hair follicles and conditioning the hair. The body oil contains vetiver, patchouli, cedar wood, sweet orange, lemon grade and sandalwood, she said.

Those essential oils were chosen for their therapeutic properties as well as their scents, Wilhelm said.

The beard oil is made in-house by the store’s studio manager, Alexa Suess, and the other products are made by Wilhelm’s friends in upstate New York.

Aside from traditional hair conditioner, unshaven men might find little products to maintain their face fuzz on pharmacy shelves and few other local producers make niche facial hair products.

“It’s something that’s not found here,” Suess said of the artisanal beard oil, adding that products have an old-timey barbershop sentiment. “The entire idea for all of our bath and body care is to take it back to basics, but then bring it to a modern feel.”

Wilhelm said The White Weathered Barn, which she owns with her husband Jason, is in the process of rebranding and is moving toward a unisex approach for both its bath product line and decorative works.

“After exploring our artistic styles, we’ve decided to move into a more raw, industrial aesthetic,” Suess said.

Expect a name change in the coming weeks, too. The store is dropping the word “white” from its brand.

Get the products at The White Weathered Barn, located at 41 Front Street in Greenport.

And if you want to know the proper way to apply beard oil, the Beard Baron can help.

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