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Pindar Vineyards in Peconic. (Credit: Katharine Schroeder)

It was inevitable. While we managed to dodge winter weather so far, it looks like we are in for some major snow this week. To help you weather the weather, here is a list of five great North Fork products to help you stay warm, entertained and satisfied during your snow day.

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1. Firewood

Firewood for sale on Route 48. (Credit: Vera Chinese)
Firewood for sale on Route 48. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

Take a drive down the North Road and it won’t be long before you see a sign advertising bundles of firewood.

Most sellers abide the honor system, asking for just $5 a bundle and there is usually a box for buyers to leave money.

We found the wood above on Route 48 near the Mattituck/Cutchogue border, but there are plenty of people selling wood to keep your fireplace or wood-burning stove fueled on a cold night.

 2A board game from Love Lane Toys


Staying cooped up in inside can get make anybody go stir-crazy. We suggest fighting boredom with a board game.

The newly opened Love Lane Toys offers a bit of everything at its Mattituck shop. The shelves are stocked with classic games, such as Monopoly and jigsaw puzzles, that are known to keep people busy for hours.  And for the kids, there are plenty of toys and educational games as well.

They also have sleds for anyone looking to have a little outdoor fun.

And don’t forget Goldsmith’s Toys located at 138 Main Street in Greenport.

Love Lane Toys is located at 50 Love Lane in Mattituck.

3. Coffee

Aldo Maioranna makes a cup of his famous coffee at his Greenport shop. (Credit: Rachel Young, file photo)
Aldo Maiorana makes a cup of his famous coffee at his Greenport shop. (Credit: Rachel Young, file photo)

A piping hot cup of coffee is an absolutely necessity to get through the arduous task of shoveling heavy wet snow.

And as with just about everything else, we at northforker prefer to get our products as locally as we can. And while no one is growing coffee beans on the East End, there are a few local roasters that we adore.

Stop by Aldo’s in Greenport for the blends and single bean coffee (prices vary) from everyone’s favorite local Italian-born coffee roaster, Aldo Maiorana.

We also love the Fork & Anchor blend ($13) from L.I. Coffee Roasters at Fork & Anchor in East Marion and coffee from the soon-to-open North Fork Roasting Co. (sorry, online orders only at this time.)

Don’t forget to stock up on half and half, almond milk or whatever it is you take to lighten your java.

4. Soup

 cup of tomato coconut curry at the Orient Country Store. (Credit: Vera Chinese)
A cup of tomato coconut curry at the Orient Country Store. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

There is nothing more comforting on a cold day than hot soup. Well, other than winning a free trip to the Caribbean, but soup is a close second.

We recently had this cup of tomato coconut curry from the Orient Country Store and pretty much downed the whole thing as fast as we could.

Owners Grayson Murphy and Miriam Foster put a lot love into their homemade soups. Murphy even uses his own blend of spices to make the store’s tomato coconut curry.

Get some now and heat it up when the snow starts falling.

We’re also big fans of the soups at Love Lane Kitchen in Mattituck and Blue Duck Bakery, which has locations in Greenport, Southold and Riverhead.

 5. Rough Riders Straight Bourbon Whisky by LIV

Rough Rider Straight Bourbon Whisky. (Credit: Cyndi Murray)
Rough Rider Straight Bourbon Whisky. (Credit: Cyndi Murray)

Long Island Spirit’s Rough Riders Straight Bourbon Whisky is a surefire way to warm you up on a cold winters night.

Named top value bourbon by The New York Times, the distillery describes the spirit as a “fine sturdy backbone with a hint of fresh juice, blackberry and currant, along with caramel and burnt sugar with a heady heat on the finish.”

Good on the rocks, or in a cocktail we recommending trying LIV’s own recipe called Teddy’s Revenge:

2.5 parts Rough Rider Straight Bourbon Whisky

2 tsp. water

1 tsp. powdered sugar

4 fresh mint sprigs

Muddle mint leaves, powdered sugar, and water in a Collins glass. Fill the glass with shaved or crushed ice and add bourbon. Top with more ice and garnish with a mint sprig.

You can pick up a bottle at the Long Island Spirits tasting room, located at 2182 Sound Avenue in Baiting Hollow.