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Credit: Sherry Pickerell
This photo was honored by the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers. (Credit: Sherry Pickerell)

Southold photographer Sherry Pickerell was honored by the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers for a lovely portrait of a couple standing in the Naugles Barn at Hallockville Museum Farm on their wedding day.

The photo, featuring the backs of the newlyweds as they gaze at each other, should be familiar to our readers — we selected it for the cover of the spring 2014 edition of the northforker Long Island Wine Press.

The stunning picture, shot in August 2013, placed 11th in the international competition’s venue category for fall 2014.

For Pickerell, the candid image’s effect lies in conveying the day’s emotion through the expression on the guests’ faces, the couple’s personal decor touches and the naturally lit North Fork backdrop.

“It’s not about posing them in my mind,” Pickerell said. “I want to just capture who they are naturally.”

The other winners in the category, which we recommend our readers check out, also show the beauty of the respective wedding locations like a sweeping mountain view in Milan or the grandeur of a forest in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Pickerell said she learned of the honor after a photographer friend, who is based in Arizona, noticed that both their works had been selected.

“It’s a quiet little community out here. It’s not like New York City where every body knows who you are,” Pickerell said. “It’s really nice when you get recognized out here.”

The ISPWP is an association of wedding photographers dedicated to raising the standards of the profession, according to its website. Pickerell was also honored by the organization in fall 2013 in the “best use of natural light” category.