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Anyone who lives and works on the East End has already had the refrain “shop local” drilled into their head, but I’m sure it won’t hurt to reiterate that message here. 

A common complaint I hear from those who prefer to do their shopping at big box stores and online retailers is that local shops don’t always offer enough of a selection or the lowest prices. We counter that claim by reminding everyone that small businesses often carry a smaller, but more discerning selection of items, often not widely available at other stores. And prices are often comparable.

This holiday season consider supporting your neighbors like the new Love Lane Toys in Mattituck (see story here) owned by the Dank family of Remsenburg.

We took some of the guess work out of shopping for the wee ones on your list with these gift picks, all available at the toy store.

Now you have one less excuse to spend your dollars elsewhere.

Credit: Vera Chinese
Credit: Vera Chinese Photos

Janod, Multi-Animo Tractor $29.99

These old-fashioned, high-quality French designed toys are timeless and are made of wood, meaning they have less of an impact on the environment. Plus these adorable farm animals are perfect for any tiny Northforkers on your list. Appropriate for ages 18 months and up.


Laser Pegs, 24 in 1 Dinosaurs, $49.99

Battery-powered toys that connect with regulars Legos comprise the Laser Pegs collection. This toy can be built in a variety of ways, encouraging creativity as children learn about the prehistoric beasts. Appropriate for ages 6 to 10.


 Alex, Tech Couture Bling Headphones, $29.99

For glamorous kids who want their playthings to sparkle, this kit will allow them to listen to music in style. Kit contains headphones, stickers and gems. Appropriate for ages 8 and up.


Ideal, Sno-Man Kit, $19.99

I’ve always wanted to make a proper snowman, but never had the right top hat or buttons. That won’t happen to the child who has a bonafide snow man making kit. Recommended for kids 5 and up.