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Splish Splash recently broke ground on Battle for Mutiny Bay, which is expected to debut when the park reopens in late May.

For the second year in a row, Splish Splash will have a new ride when it reopens next month. 

The Battle of Mutiny Bay is the newest addition to the 96-acre water park in Calverton.

Here’s the water park’s description of the ride:

“This all new interactive water attraction will take you and your fearless crew on a captivating voyage. The passengers inside the boats utilize their water cannons to shoot against the other vehicles and against the people around the circuit. The people around the circuit will have fixed water cannons to shoot against the riders. Man those water cannons and be prepared to defend yourself against roving bands of pirates and pesky sea creatures.  Whether you’re a landlubber or a salty sea dog you’ll want to be part of the action.”

The new attraction joins last year’s addition: Bootlegger’s Run, New York’s only water coaster. (See video)

Splish Splash opens the 2014 season on Memorial Day weekend, May 24-26 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. General admission price is $41 for over 48 inches tall and $31 for less than 48 inches tall and seniors. Private rental cabana prices range from $89 for a standard cabana to $200 for a VIP cabana. For a full operating schedule and hours, visit