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The Moustache Brewery tasting room will open April 19 and the owners of the Riverhead brewing company announced their plans in a most unique way. 

Lauri and Matt Spitz posted the above video to YouTube Tuesday to announce the opening date. Set up like a young couple showing off their first child to family, the Spitz’s instead unveil a growler at the end of the video.

“The whole process has been longer than nine months and most of our friends have been getting pregnant and having kids over that time,” Ms. Spitz said. “People ask us when we’re going to have a kid and we say ‘We’re having a brewery.’

“This was a little more exciting way to announce the news.”

Last January, Matt Spitz, right, looks at the space that will now be his brewery's tasting room. (Credit: Gianna Volpe, file)
Last January, Matt Spitz, right, looks at the space that will now be his brewery’s tasting room. (Credit: Gianna Volpe, file)

Ms. Spitz said the biggest issue for the farm brewery over the next week will be making sure there’s enough beer on hand for opening weekend at the Hallett Avenue location.

The Spitz’s plan to pour their porter and pale ale opening weekend and will likely have two more beers on tap. They’ll be filling growlers, half-growlers, pints and pouring 4-ounce brews.

Ms. Spitz said her husband may even shave his beard at the grand opening, something he normally does at the beginning of spring but let continue to grow as a “rally beard.”

The rallying will end April 19, when the couple’s dream finally comes true.