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As he fiddles with a video game controller, All Star bowling alley manager Joe Goglia imagines watching dozens of gamers lining the bar area’s tiered seating, watching as others compete on the huge 21-foot TV screen behind the bar.

He is already thinking of different prizes to offer the winners of the bowling alley’s weekly tournaments.

He envisions a leaderboard posted on the wall showing the top video game players’ ranks for the week.

“The possibilities are endless with this thing,” Mr. Goglia said last week as he tested out the Xbox plugged into the massive TV. “I can see this thing really taking off. We just need people to come in and see it.”

The All Star will host its first official video game night Monday night, an open invitation for North Fork gamers to test their skills.

The tournament-style night was dreamed up by Mr. Goglia, a Conecticutt native who used to spend hours with his friends playing video games like Call of Duty. Since he moved to the North Fork, Mr. Goglia said he wanted to recreate the good times he shared back home.

“There’s nothing out here like this,” he said.

The game night will focus on sports and arcade fighting games to start, like the soccer game FIFA ’13 and a comics-based fighter game called Marvel vs. Capcom, Mr. Goglia said.

The group will avoid first-person shooters to keep the atmosphere at the All-Star more “family-oriented,” he said.

Players will pay $10 for their entrance fee and will be guaranteed at least two games, possibly more depending on the number of people competing that night. All gamers will also get a $2 card to the arcade, and the winner of the double-elimination tournaments will also win gift cards to the bowling alley.

The All-Star, he said, offers a unique opportunity for gamers to play on a giant screen with a classic arcade a few steps away.

“Where else are you going to go and play video games like this?” Mr. Goglia said.

Game night will be held every Monday at 7 p.m. at the All-Star bowling alley on Route 25 in Riverhead.

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