10/28/14 3:57pm
(Credit: Vera Chinese)

(Credit: Vera Chinese)

Move over Champagne, France, and Sonoma, California. New York State, with its superior wines, substantial industry growth and recently relaxed business regulations, has been named the “Wine Region of the Year” by Wine Enthusiast Magazine. (more…)

02/23/13 1:35am
Greenport Harbor

GIANNA VOLPE PHOTO | Kaitlen Berry, Greenport Harbor Brewing Company’s tasting room manager, pulls a pint.

As the East End continues to polish its image as a leading wine region, a new effort’s a-brewing to turn the region into a destination for craft beer enthusiasts.

Last month, Wine Enthusiast Magazine named the North and South Forks one of the world’s top wine destinations for 2013. In concert with that, two new Riverhead breweries are in the works, Greenport Harbor Brewing Company is expanding, and local farmers have begun to grow hops, an important ingredient in beer. (more…)