04/09/18 6:10am

Anne Trimble at her eponymous Cutchogue nursery in February. It recently reopened for a 28th season. (Credit: David Benthal)

Walking through Trimble’s of Corchaug Nursery in late February gives a visitor a unique perspective on both the Cutchogue property and the women who run it.

The greenhouse is empty and the plantings on the property have not yet blossomed for the year.

Minus the annuals and perennials you ordinarily visit the popular nursery for, your focus instead shifts to the decorations that line the Main Road site. You can’t help but notice how so many of the items around the yard tell a story about the owners of the business or their friends and regular customers.  (more…)

06/15/14 9:05am
Dennis McDermott, Ann Trimble and chef Arielle Ferrara outside the Riverhead Project. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

Dennis McDermott, Anne Trimble and chef Arielle Ferrara toast the new garden outside The Riverhead Project. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

The mojitos at The Riverhead Project just got a little more refreshing and the sauces more savory following the unveiling of the eatery’s new working herb garden Saturday. (more…)