04/03/18 4:10am

The Bliss at The Giving Room features turmeric as a relieving ingredient. (Credit: David Benthal photos)

To categorize juicing as a health food fad is like calling rosé a trendy wine — both have been around for centuries, have recently surged in popularity and aren’t going out of style anytime soon.

They are also both best pursued in moderation.  (more…)

05/17/17 6:00am
Chef Rosa de Carvalho Ross inside the dining room of her former restaurant, Scrimshaw in Greenport.

Chef Rosa Ross inside the dining room of her former restaurant, Scrimshaw, in Greenport. (Credit: Katharine Schroeder)

Do you miss the steamed dumplings from the former Scrimshaw restaurant in Greenport?

Now you can learn to cook like Scrimshaw founder Chef Rosa Ross as she hosts cooking demonstrations and pop-up dinners at The Market in Greenport this season. The first dinner is set for Sunday, May 21 and there are limited seats left. (more…)

02/17/17 10:38am
Shelley and Chelsea Scoggins. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

Shelley and Chelsea Scoggins. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

Established 30 years ago this March, The Market is both a village grocer, providing healthy food options and personal care products, as well as a café. Both areas of this Front Street shop offer organic ingredients and minimally processed (clean!) foods.

The Market was born from owner Shelly Scoggin’s desire to find a healthier way of living for her family. At the time she had a new baby on the way and finding a source for organic food options on the North Fork was nearly impossible. That’s when she knew it was the right time to open her market.

Today, you’ll find a wide variety of organic produce, vitamins, personal care products and gluten-free foods on the shelves. The Market’s menu is creative and spans breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as smoothies and desserts. We chatted with Scoggin in the corner of her café one afternoon at lunchtime and found out more about this gem of a health food store and eatery. (more…)

02/03/17 6:02am
blackbean burger

A black bean burger at Love Lane Kitchen. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

It’s February on the North Fork. At times it can feel like the whole East End is riding out the winter on the warm shores of Waikiki, but there are many business owners who stay behind to feed the hungry masses.

Here are a handful of eateries serving lunch to locals and midweek visitors all winter long.