11/18/18 6:10am

Kale grows at Share the Harvest Farm in East Hampton. (Credit: Kate Nalepinski)

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As a chilly November breeze sweeps over the seven acres of land owned by Share the Harvest Farm in East Hampton, coordinator Jess Tonn bursts open the door to the greenhouse.

She quickly rubs her hands together. It’s 30 degrees warmer in the greenhouse, where spinach, broccoli, carrots, beets and other herbs reside comfortably. Tonn bends down on her knees next to a bed of spinach and inspects a tiny leaf.

“Almost ready,” she whispers, and rises to her feet.

The farm, founded back in 2008 on just a quarter-acre of land, prides itself on a no-waste policy: All fruits and veggies must be given away for consumption.  (more…)