03/21/14 8:00am
(Credit: Jennifer Gustavson photos)

(Credit: Jennifer Gustavson photos)

The first day of the winter semester at Stony Brook University was bittersweet for Cutchogue mother Desiree Reese.

Nearly late for her 1 p.m. class on the third floor of Frey Hall, the newest building on campus, Ms. Reese found a seat toward the front of the room and took out a reusable bottle filled with water.  (more…)

03/20/14 5:00pm
Lynn Cataldo and Frances with San Simeon resident Kathy Summers. (Credit: Rachel Young)

Lynn Cataldo and Frances with San Simeon resident Kathy Summers. (Credit: Rachel Young photos)

Say the name “Elmo” to any American and nearly all of them will connect it to the fuzzy red Muppet from “Sesame Street.”

Talk to the residents at San Simeon by the Sound in Greenport and they’ll tell you the puppet everyone should know is Frances, a pink pig with a squeaky voice who visits them on Saturdays and is manipulated by Lynn Cataldo, a 63-year-old physical therapist from East Marion.  (more…)

03/19/14 12:00pm
(Credit: Peter Farrar, courtesy)

(Credit: Peter Farrar, courtesy)

When Peter Farrar first visited Shelter Island, it reminded him of growing up in New England.

The New York City advertising executive recalled summers spent on Martha’s Vineyard and Cape Cod during that first trip to the Rock, around 1980.

“I didn’t know anything about the East End of Long Island,” he said. “But it felt like Cape Cod, and I really liked it.”  (more…)

03/17/14 12:01pm
(Credit: Paul Squire photo)

(Credit: Paul Squire photo)

Bill Taylor sat in the doorway of a small single-engine plane, 13,500 feet over Calverton, his legs draped outside the opening as the wind whipped his patchy white hair.

He gripped the harness around his chest tight and glanced back at his tandem instructor. But, despite the deafening roar of the wind and the ground so far below, he wasn’t afraid.

After all, in just a few days, Mr. Taylor would turn  80 years old. In his mind, it was now or never.  (more…)