11/04/19 6:00am

Peconic Bay scallop season begins today, Monday, Nov. 4. (Credit: Krysten Massa)

A calendar hanging in the northforker office has holidays marked in bold red letters. In November, there are three such days: Election Day, Veterans Day and Thanksgiving.

If we had any say on the contents of said calendar, a fourth holiday would be added on Monday, Nov. 4: Peconic Bay Scallops Day. (more…)

11/18/13 10:30am
recipe peconic bay scallop

Photo by Charity Robey | A glorious dinner is served, thanks to a gift of scallops on opening day.

Monday, November 11 was the first day to take scallops in Shelter Island town waters.

There was a time when scallops were so numerous, they piled up on Island beaches when a strong wind blew across Peconic Bay. Although their numbers have dwindled, it is still possible to forage for the occasional beach scallop. Near the Shelter Island Yacht Club last weekend, I heard a low crack and saw a scallop lying on the road about 10 feet away. A gull had dropped it on the pavement, and upon examination, I could see the scallop inside the partially-cracked shell. There is a strict code in fishing: if you shuck the scallop, it’s yours. This one belonged to the seagull. (more…)