02/28/14 5:00pm
KATHARINE SCHROEDER PHOTO | The tasting room at One Woman in Southold. (Credit: Katharine Schoeder)

The tasting room at One Woman in Southold. (Credit: Katharine Schoeder)

The North Fork is taking Manhattan.

Out of the hundreds of New York State-based produces of wines, beers, spirits or foods, Southold’s own One Woman Wines & Vineyards was awarded a bid to manage the first “Taste NY” shop in Grand Central Terminal. (more…)

06/01/13 12:00pm

2012 T.U.S. Postcard Exterior

Worlds away from the bright lights of New York City, the stars shine without inference on the North Fork, making it the perfect place unwind with a glass vino on a warm (pre) summer evening.

Now in its fourth year, One Woman Wines & Vineyards’ Tasting Under the Stars is a perfectly pretty and much-needed escape held every Saturday. (more…)

09/09/12 7:27pm

GIANNA VOLPE PHOTO | One Woman Wines, produced almost entirely at the hands of Claudia Purita produces 2,000 cases per year.

For nine years, Claudia Purita has been the one woman that is the namesake of Southold’s One Woman Wines and Vineyards.

The owner, head winemaker, and vineyard manager, Ms. Purita grew up in Italy and made roots – literally – in New York State by planting 12 acres of grapes in Southold.

Her vineyard is the first on Long Island to grow Grüner, an Austrian white wine grape.

Ms. Purita is one of only a handful of female head winemakers on the North Fork, but her position of winemaker, vineyard manager and owner make her an anomaly.

Be sure to check out Thursday’s paper for more on female winemakers of the North Fork.

03/01/12 7:25pm
Macari Vineyards

GIANNA VOLPE PHOTO | Kelly Urbanik, head winemaker at Macari Vineyards, sits among the casks in the Mattituck winery’s barrel room.

Winemaking is not just a man’s world, at least not anymore.

Of the more than 50 wine-producing entities on the North Fork, 11 percent have a woman behind the wine. Seven percent of the wineries produce an entirely female-made product, with day-to-day responsibilities falling to the head winemaking woman — or women, such as Old Field’s mother-daughter winemaking team of Rosamond and Perry Baiz.

“One of the strengths of our region is our very high percentage of women in the wine industry — from ownership to management, through the vineyards, wineries and tasting rooms,” said Steve Bate, executive director of the Long Island Wine Council. (more…)