01/13/19 6:00am

The Shed Bowl. (Credit: The Shed)

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Eating healthier and losing weight is consistently one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions. Though brown bagging and meal prep are common ways to ensure top nutrition, healthier restaurants on Long Island allow diners to enjoy a guilt-free meal without the hassle of cooking. These spots don’t limit your choices to standard greens and grilled chicken with dressing on the side, either. Expect creative twists on good-for-you dishes that will make healthy eating convenient and delicious. (more…)

01/06/19 6:10am

The Blue Goose opened in September. (Credit: Greater Patchogue)

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Chances are a lot has changed since your last visit to Patchogue.

The South Shore village has been witnessing a resurgence in recent years, leading more and more new businesses to open seemingly every month.

This is certainly true of its increasingly diverse culinary scene. If you haven’t been to Patchogue in the last six months, here are five new restaurants that give reason to return. (more…)

01/06/19 5:53am

The 1770 House’s tavern dining room. (Credit: John Musnicki)

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Featuring a diverse range of local, national and international vintages, many South Fork restaurants are as well regarded for their outstanding wine lists as they are for their dining. Whether pouring white or red, these five Hamptons restaurants have an extensive selection to suit every dish. (more…)

12/30/18 6:05am

Skate and shop at the Tanger Outlets Ice Skating Rink in Deer Park. (Credit: Tanger Outlets Ice Skating Rink in Deer Park)

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Winter gets a bad wrap for being a season where there’s little to do but hibernate on the couch.

But there is plenty to look forward to when the chilly temps set in. Ice skating is perhaps at the top of the list.

These rinks in Suffolk County give good reason to embrace the cold and explore the island.  (more…)

12/30/18 5:55am

The South Fork Natural History Museum & Nature Center offers hands on learning. (Credit: South Fork Natural History Museum & Nature Center)

Venture out this winter while spending quality time with your family at these brain-building, innovative museums that your children will want to visit more than once. (more…)

12/23/18 6:00am

Enjoying at meal at the Red Salt Room is just one reason to staycation at The Garden City Hotel. (Credit: The Garden City Hotel)

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The mind begins to play tricks this time of year — and the early chill hasn’t helped. On one hand, it’s so cold that hibernation sounds delightful. On the other, cabin fever sounds frightful.

Get the best of both worlds by vacationing closer to home at these luxurious Long Island hotels.

Some are set in former Gold Coast mansions, some have spas and some has an oceanfront view that reminds us we live where others vacation. Let’s make the most of winter. (more…)