02/09/18 3:38pm

The sweet and simple fixings for chocolate fondue. (Credit: John Ross)

Belgium is a small country on the North Sea that borders Germany, France, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Belgium is famous for all the wars that have taken place on its land and, more recently, as the home of the European Union and of NATO, among other international organizations. 

But its cuisine has long been overshadowed by that of France. (more…)

01/27/18 5:33am

Shaina (left) and Danielle Ross, granddaughters of John Ross, put dough through a hand-cranked pasta maker. (Credit: John Ross)

When we work with our hands with determination and love we end up with a product that is more than just dinner; it is an inner expression of love to the ones we are serving and results in an even better feeling about ourselves.


11/25/17 6:10am

Leftover Thanksgiving turkey and gravy are perfect for these turkey pot pies. (Credit: John Ross)

Leftovers from the annual Thanksgiving feast are not like other leftovers. They are something special that we look forward to — sometimes as much as the original meal. We put so much work into Thanksgiving dinner that, somehow, we must make it last a little longer. Here are some of my favorite ways to use that turkey left over the weekend:

General Instructions
After the Thanksgiving meal is over, be sure to refrigerate the turkey carcass and other leftovers as soon as possible. Make a large amount of gravy so that you have enough for the leftover meal. Refrigerate the gravy in a shallow container so that it cools quickly. (more…)