09/25/19 6:00am

As summer turns to fall, the focus at local wineries is on the harvest. For some larger operations, that means maybe a dozen workers manning the vineyards, gathering the bounty of the current vintage.

But for smaller producers, it might mean only a handful of people functioning together like a well-oiled machine to make for the best season. (more…)

10/02/14 11:03am
(Credit: Paul Squire)

These bottles of Hargrave Vineyard wine are on display at Mattebella Vineyards in Southold. (Credit: Paul Squire)

They sit on mantelpieces and countertops and atop wine racks scattered across Suffolk County. 

The wine bottles’ corks remain covered beneath layers of maroon wax; lift them up and the swishing cabernet and merlot is still sealed safely inside. The labels all bear the distinctive vines of Hargrave Vineyard’s earliest vintages, labels that are now peeling from decades of age. (more…)

11/07/11 8:14pm

CAROLYN IANNONE PHOTO | Mattebella Vineyards owner Mark Tobin shows off some of his winery’s inventory.

Mattebella Vineyards is like a shot of espresso along the wine trail. It wakes you up, warms you up, and maybe even boosts your energy.

That feeling could be the because of their wine, or it might be the cozy tasting cottage —  it might even be the owner, Mark Tobin, and his larger than life presence.

Tucked off the Main Road in Southold, a dirt driveway leads to the winery’s tasting cottage, which holds just enough space for a sturdy table and bench, wine, and you and a few friends. (more…)