08/31/18 5:55am

The Tom Collins. (Credit: Joe Coleman)

The Collins template of drinks spans all spirits — the most notable being the “Tom Collins.”

The father of American cocktails, Jerry Thomas, once described the gin based cocktail as, “a sparkling lemonade spiked with a healthy dose of the juniper spirit.”

I remember being very young and hearing my grandmother ask for a Tom Collins at a family party. When I started making variations of the drink as a bartender that memory flooded back and really made me think about the drink. (more…)

07/20/18 6:00am

The London Mule. (Credit: Joe Coleman)

Traditionally, cocktails that combine a spirit, citrus and either ginger ale or ginger beer are referred to as “bucks.” And when vodka was introduced to the American market the drink was cleverly pitched as the alliterated “Moscow Mule.” (more…)

06/22/18 5:55am

The pale green cocktail on the left is The Last Word and Joe’s Coleman’s The Last Dance is on the right. (Credit: Joe Coleman)

It’s been said that fighting is just two people trying to get the last word in first. The Last Word cocktail could be considered one of the first in a long lineage of box step cocktails. Perfectly balancing citrus, herbaceous and bite, this equal-parts cocktail is a template for hundreds of drink variations. (more…)