09/25/19 6:00am

As summer turns to fall, the focus at local wineries is on the harvest. For some larger operations, that means maybe a dozen workers manning the vineyards, gathering the bounty of the current vintage.

But for smaller producers, it might mean only a handful of people functioning together like a well-oiled machine to make for the best season. (more…)

10/29/16 6:00am

If you were to compare the 2016 Long Island vintage to a bottle of wine, it might be the kind you’d serve at a dinner party for friends — but perhaps not the special occasion reserve you were saving for your 25th wedding anniversary.

Harvest reports from across the East End are rolling in, and the prognosis is that 2016 is shaping up to be a challenging but manageable year. It will likely be remembered as a perfectly respectable vintage. (more…)

09/21/15 6:00am

Mila Almeida and Janyll Pisani both of Sound Beach channel the spirits of Lucy Ricardo and Ethel Mertz at the fifth annual Martha Clara Vineyards Grape Stomp on Sunday.

If anyone was wondering whether or not the end results of the Martha Clara Vineyards grape stomping party are used to make the winery’s Northville Red or Northern Solstice Rosé, winemaker and general manager Juan Micieli-Martinez has an answer for you.

“Only for the reserves,” Micieli-Martinez said, referring to the winery’s higher quality vintages.

The winemaker stressed he was kidding, of course, but guests at the Riverhead vineyard last weekend rolled up their pant legs and made grape juice the old fashioned way.

Dozens of wine lovers and newcomers alike visited the winery Sunday for the stomping of the grapes, an annual party that celebrates the harvest and lets guests have a bit of fun.  (more…)

10/07/14 9:00am
David Page and Barbara Shinn at Shinn Estate Vineyard and Farmhouse in Mattituck Sept. 17. (Credit: Randee Daddona)

David Page and Barbara Shinn at Shinn Estate Vineyard and Farmhouse in Mattituck Sept. 17. (Credit: Randee Daddona)

Editor’s note: This story will be published in the fall 2014 northforker Long Island Wine Press. The issue hits newsstands October 8.

Before David Page makes a farm-to-table breakfast for guests staying at Shinn Estate Vineyards & Farmhouse Bed and Breakfast, he and his wife, Barbara Shinn, take an early-morning stroll through their ripening vineyard. It’s a daily — and important — ritual for the pair, as they stop to sample the golden sauvignon blanc grapes and inspect the white yeast coating the fleshy fruit.  (more…)

12/19/13 2:48pm
Photo by Barbaraellen Koch

Photo by Barbaraellen Koch

Favorable growing conditions and a healthy grape harvest in 2013 were boons to East End vintners, who told Cutchogue organization Merliance that, despite getting off to a rough start, this season ended up being the best on record. (more…)

09/29/13 2:30pm
Photo by Louisa Hargrave

Photo by Louisa Hargrave

Everybody knows that the best wine is made from ripe grapes. Or is it? Different wine styles depend on a range of considerations. Chardonnay used for sparkling wine, for example, should have more acidity and less “fruity” character than chardonnay for a rich, oaky style; the fruit will be picked with different criteria in mind. (more…)