07/11/12 6:56pm

Wine Press editor Grant Parpan tastes Long Island Spirits’ LiV Vodka on the back deck of the distillery’s tasting room.

Three writers were given a day to tour the North Fork in three very different ways:

1 a trip from NYC

2 a guys’ day out

3 a family outing

Here’s part two of our series:

There we were, three men on the Peconic waterfront, all alone with a big plate of moo-oink balls in front of us.

Nothing says male cuisine like meatballs wrapped in bacon, courtesy of Cody’s BBQ on East Main Street in Riverhead.

The spirit of maleness on the North Fork is exactly what myself and my two friends were trying to experience on our journey across the north and south roads. I viewed my assignment with only one question in mind: Given eight hours of freedom from work and women, what do guys do for fun on the North Fork? (more…)