11/17/18 6:00am

Mark Miloski Jr. on his family farm in Calverton. (Credit: David Benthal)

Thanksgiving is full of traditions: third helpings of Mom’s mashed potatoes, falling asleep while watching football and, of course, turkey. 

Since 1946, to Will Miloski’s Poultry Farm in Calverton for the centerpiece of the meal. The farm gives people a chance to forgo frozen turkeys for fresh ones and has been allowing its birds to roam outside since long before “free-range” became a buzzword. 

In short, the Miloskis know how to do turkey. But how do they do Thanksgiving?  (more…)

03/04/17 6:02am

It’s hard to sum up exactly what role Lucy Senesac plays at Sang Lee Farms in Peconic.

Customers of the certified organic operation might find her selling Romanesco cauliflower and ginger scallion dip at a weekly farmers market. Maybe she’s the one handing out a recipe for potato leek soup to winter CSA members. She certainly can be seen in the fields pulling rows of Korean radishes from the ground before the first frost.


05/13/15 10:43am
Brianne and Thomas Hart at Deep Roots Farm in Southold

Brianne and Thomas Hart at Deep Roots Farm in Southold. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

Thomas and Brianne Hart know exactly where most of their food comes from.

The eggs that Ms. Hart used to make a pork frittata for dinner on Tuesday? Those were laid by one of the dozens of hens that live on their Southold farm. The pork? That comes from a pig raised at the farm last year.

And you can probably guess where the arugula was sourced from. (more…)