03/02/19 8:01am

Carolyn Iannone was a manager at Love Lane Kitchen before buying the popular Mattituck restaurant seven years ago. (Credit: David Benthal)

As much as Love Lane Kitchen is a dining destination, it’s also a feeling — one exquisitely cultivated by owner Carolyn Iannone. But she doesn’t think she deserves the credit.  (more…)

01/07/19 9:21am

Ever meet a staffer who greets you with a smile at a local restaurant or bar and say, “I wish I got to know more about that person.” 

It happens to our staff all the time as we come across interesting people with big personalities making a living at cafés, markets, wineries and shops across the North Fork.  (more…)

01/10/14 11:31am
Photo by Cyndi Murray

Photo by Cyndi Murray

When beer and food are paired well together, it brings out the best flavor in both the meal and the brew, according to Greenport Harbor Brewery Company co-owner John Liegey.

That was certainly the case Thursday night at Love Lane Kitchen in Mattituck. For the month of January the restaurant is teaming up with a different local brewer each Thursday night for a carefully crafted four-course dinner and beer pairing. (more…)