09/21/16 6:03am
One Jerusalem artichoke plant yields a bucket full of edible roots (Credit: Monique Singh-Roy)

One Jerusalem artichoke plant yields a bucketful of edible roots (Credit: Monique Singh-Roy)

Harvest season on the North Fork is a great time to stock up on all the bounty that grows out here. Right now corn, pumpkins and apples are on everybody’s shopping list, but there is also a whole crop of lesser known fruits and vegetables you may not be familiar with. For example, have you ever tried a Jerusalem artichoke or eaten cranberry beans?

This produce is just as tasty and healthy as the usual fruits and vegetables we always eat, they’re just not that well known in this country — yet. So the next time you’re out here try some of the lesser known produce that’s also being harvested. (more…)

06/10/16 6:10am
A past waiter race in Greenport. (Katherine Schroder file photo)

A past waiter race in Greenport. (Katherine Schroder file photo)

Looking for something to do on the North Fork this weekend?  Northforker has you covered.

Here are five events to check out. As always, visit northforker.com/events for additional ideas. (more…)

05/08/16 6:01am
Biophilia Farm

Farmers Phil and Abra weeding the garlic field with resident groundhog guard dog Pudgy. (Credit: Barbaraellen Koch)

What’s a farmer to do when it has been raining for more than 10 days?

For farmer Phil Barbato of Biophilia Organic Farm on Manor Lane in Jamesport, it’s time to get out and weed. There was a light drizzle Thursday afternoon so he and fellow farmer Abra Morawiec were out there in the 1/4 acre garlic patch weeding around the 7,000 hard and soft neck plants. They planted the nine varieties in that field last fall and will harvest them this summer.

“Weeding is what you can do when it is wet,” he said. “The weeds come out easier. It feels like we’ve had 10 days of rain and the next eight have a forecast of rain for six of them. You can’t get in the field with a tractor when it is this wet.” (more…)

03/08/13 1:21am

CARRIE MILLER PHOTO | Eve Kaplan-Walbrecht (left) of Garden of Eve in Riverhead explains her products to a visitor during Saturday’s Community Supported Agriculture Fair at Polish Hall in Riverhead.

Over 150 people gathered to hear the benefits of buying a share in a local organic farm at the Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York’s Community Supported Agriculture fair held at Polish Hall in Riverhead last weekend. This was the second time such a fair was held on Long Island, and the first time it was held in Riverhead.