08/26/17 6:32pm

The Jamesport Farm Brewery held its grand opening Saturday afternoon as dozens of people celebrated Long Island’s first “farm to pint” brewery.

“It’s turning out well,” said Anthony Caggiano, the co-owner of the brewery along with Melissa Daniels. “We really didn’t know what was going to happen, but I think just by the amount of people here, I think we’re doing OK.”

The opening day featured live music, outdoor games and a food truck from Christopher Michael Catering. (more…)

04/14/17 6:02am
Garden of Eve Farm Brewery Beer

“Cheers” from Garden of Eve Organic Farm Brewery owner Chris Walbrecht-Kaplan. The organic farm and market is now brewing beer. (Credit: Monique Singh-Roy)

Many beer fans have been known to visit the breweries that make their favorite pints.

Far fewer ale lovers have made a trip to the farm field where the grain for the beverage’s malt was grown.

Unless, of course, those two things happened in the same place. (more…)

12/09/16 6:01am
Three's Brewing Vliet

A can of Threes Brewing Vliet. (Credit: Lenn Thompson)

I’m an ale guy. Typically the hoppier the better, though I’m finding that balancing all those hops is more important to me than ever. As the hops arms race continues, I’m actually finding fewer new IPAs that I love.

Pilsner is a style that I don’t like at all. Or at least I thought I didn’t. I’ve always found them skunky with some weird off flavors and a bitterness that’s different from the juicy hop bombs that I prefer.

Then I took a flier on a can of Threes Brewing Vliet (rhymes with “fleet”) at my local beer bar, mostly because I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve tasted from brewmaster Greg Doroski’s portfolio. It was an eye opener, a revelation really. Refreshing and free of any off-putting flavors, there was a delicious, clean bitterness at the end. And at 5.2% ABV, it was not as hefty as those IPAs I adore. (more…)

09/16/16 6:10am
Moustache Brewing Co. co-owner Lauri Spitz works the canning line. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

Moustache Brewing Co. co-owner Lauri Spitz works the canning line. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

Enjoying canned beer once meant purchasing a 12-pack of mass-brewed lager from one of the nation’s largest producers.

Not anymore.

Moustache Brewing Co. canned 130 cases of its Proton IPA on Thursday, the first beer offered by the Riverhead craft brewery in can form. (more…)

08/02/16 5:54pm
A beer is poured from a tap at Greenport Harbor Brewing Co.'s tasting room in Peconic. (Credit: Grant Parpan)

A beer is poured from a tap at Greenport Harbor Brewing Co.’s tasting room in Peconic. (Credit: Krysten Massa)

A pair of local business have begun to use an app that allows beer aficionados to more easily seek out the pints they desire.

TapHunter, which was created in 2012, gives businesses a way to manage their beers on tap and also allows customers to follow their favorite restaurants for specials. Users of the app are also given directions to nearby bars and descriptions of the styles currently on tap.

Greenport Harbor Brewing Co. was the first local establishment to utilize the app and Legends in New Suffolk began using it this month.  (more…)

01/26/16 6:05am
Dune Cottage Belgian style saison shelter island

A glass of Dune Cottage Belgian-style saison.
(Credit: Monique Singh-Roy)

Is this a beer list or an appetizer menu? That might be your first question when you enter Shelter Island Craft Brewery for the first time and examine the beers on tap.

The names of some of the beers — Forbidden Fruit, French Kiss and Twin Forks Harvest — might be more reminiscent of something from a master chef’s kitchen. With ingredients like thyme, peppercorn, orange, licorice and lemon verbena, it’s easy to see that owner and brewmaster James Hull draws on his culinary background when brewing his creations.

“I just like to cook, it’s my passion,” said Hull. (more…)