07/27/19 6:00am

Bee rancher Laura Klahre at her Southold farm. (Credit: David Benthal)

The berries at Blossom Meadow Farm are handpicked twice daily. The first picking occurs shortly after owner and bee rancher Laura Klahre wakes. Rolling out of bed, still in pajamas, she wanders straight out to the two-acre farm field surrounding the Southold homestead she shares with her winemaker husband, Adam Suprenant. 

Free-growing patches of grassland buzz with life as native pollinators fly from flower to flower and berry to berry, organically fostering higher yields and higher-quality fruit for the farm’s assorted hand-jarred jams.  (more…)

08/11/18 6:10am

The Merlot for Monarchs campaign launched in late July. (Credit: Cyndi Murray)

Laura Klahre lights up when she talks about the power of pollinators. The Southold beekeeper and owner of Blossom Meadow Farm is a leader on the subject and even hosted a TED Talk on increasing food production by using native pollinators, which has been viewed more than 2,000 times on YouTube.

She often shares her insights with vineyard goers at her Cutchogue tasting room, Coffee Pot Cellars, which she co-owns with husband and award-wining winemaker Adam Suprenant. Time after time, Klahre notes that, “So many people care when they are informed. It is heartwarming.” (more…)

10/29/16 6:00am

If you were to compare the 2016 Long Island vintage to a bottle of wine, it might be the kind you’d serve at a dinner party for friends — but perhaps not the special occasion reserve you were saving for your 25th wedding anniversary.

Harvest reports from across the East End are rolling in, and the prognosis is that 2016 is shaping up to be a challenging but manageable year. It will likely be remembered as a perfectly respectable vintage. (more…)

01/22/16 6:03am
Winemaker Adam Suprenant inside Coffee Pot Cellars in Cutchogue. (Credit: Katharine Schroeder)

Winemaker Adam Suprenant inside Coffee Pot Cellars in Cutchogue. (Credit: Katharine Schroeder)

When winemaker Adam Suprenant left his job at Franciscan Estate in Napa Valley to work for the former Gristina Vineyards, a small producer in the still-emerging Long Island wine region, in 1998, his contemporaries didn’t hold back their words of warning.

“A lot of my colleagues in Napa told me I was committing career suicide,” Suprenant recalled. “I was on track to be a Napa winemaker. The entire production of Long Island would fit in the winery I was working at — and that was a medium-sized winery.” (more…)

11/05/14 7:00am
Coffee Pot Cellars 2010 Meritage. (Cyndi Murray photo)

Coffee Pot Cellars 2010 Meritage. (Credit: Cyndi Murray)

Coffee Pot Cellars winemaker Adam Suprenant only makes the winery’s Meritage during years with the best harvest and 2010 was by all accounts a banner year for Long Island.

So it is no surprise the 2010 Meritage, our North Fork Wine of the Week, has been flying off the shelves at the Cutchogue tasting room.  (more…)

09/19/14 7:00am
Coffee Pot Cellars' new winasaur "Adam" made his debut in front of the Cutchouge tasting room Thursday.  (Cyndi Murray photo)

Coffee Pot Cellars’ new winasaur “Adam” made his debut in front of the Cutchouge tasting room Thursday. (Cyndi Murray photo)

The next time you’re driving down Main Road in Cutchogue, be on the lookout for a dinosaur. Actually, make that a wine-asaur.

Or as the co-owner of Coffee Pot Cellars spells it, winasaur. And she can spell it any way she wants; she invented it.


12/31/11 7:59pm

SAMANTHA BRIX PHOTO | Bud Koehler, co-owner of Osprey’s Dominion Vineyards, in his Peconic tasting room.

Bud Koehler was among the first vintners to settle on the North Fork.

After retiring from a job in construction in 1983, the Farmingdale native headed out east with his wife and 11 children and purchased a 24-acre plot of land in Peconic.

He planted grapes and founded a vineyard that would be in the company of just three others: Hargrave Vineyard, Pindar Vineyards and Paumanok.

“I’ve always been building and making,” he said. “I wanted to make something with my hands.” (more…)