08/15/18 6:10am

Stop thinking of salads as something at the start of your meal. Done the right way, using fresh local produce, a salad is a meal. (Credit: David Benthal)

Once upon a time, main-course salads were pretty much limited to chicken or seafood concoctions heavy on the mayo, or virtuous efforts composed of stodgy brown rice and not much else. These days, however, they are a great showcase for all sorts of interesting salad greens and other glories of the season, as well as staple ingredients from around the globe. Main-course salads are also an opportunity to channel your inner forager, whether you’re on the prowl at a farm stand or sizing up the contents of your refrigerator or kitchen cabinets.  (more…)

10/04/13 8:00am
The Riverhead Project on East Main Street in downtown Riverhead.

The Riverhead Project was one of several North Fork restaurants to make Newsday’s Top 100 Long Island Restaurants.

Several North Fork restaurants—The Riverhead Project, Noah’sTurkhaz Grill and  Shelter Island’s 18 Bay—made Newsday’s list of Top 100 Restaurants on Long Island (though we’re a little surprised at the omission of North Fork Table). (more…)