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This workshop is a guided technique in releasing manifesting . We will transmute emotional energy by bringing the emotion into the physical world through the act of drawing. The technique allows us to physically clear negative energy and manifest through positive energy.

The physical act of drawing also awakens the creative connections of the brain enhancing creativity and imagination. Imagination is the source of our innovation and plays a key role in how we create and manifest in our day to day life.

April 6, 2024


Satya Yoga Pilates Wellness Center

Call to Register: 631.828.5996

Simple techniques in drawing, yoga and meditation to quiet the mind, inspire creative flow and spark imagination.

  • 20 Minute Seated Yoga Poses

  • 10 Minute Meditation

  • 1hr Guided Drawing Session*

  • Rhythmic Music

  • Aromatherapy

*Guided drawing instruction with simple and personalized techniques. We will release all expectations and follow our intuitionwith simple patterns, shape and form. We will discuss the concepts and techniques explored and how viewing and creating art affects our wellbeing the importance of presence of mind.

Note: this is NOT a drawing class. The drawings we create in this meditation are solely for purposes of moving meditation. No drawing/art skills required.