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Our online homeschool programs are a month by month subscription.  Each month, a materials kit will be mailed to your home and will include some simple household materials your student will need for the class experiments.  The weekly class schedule for November is below.  Class will be every Tuesday. $50 per month, 50% off for members (includes class materials kit and four online classes).

Week 1 – Electricity and Magnetism: Electricity comes alive in demonstrations using a Van de Graaff generator and a Tesla coil. Students discover the basics of electricity and magnetism through hands-on experiments. See how to make an electro-magnet. Concepts are reinforced as students make an electrical circuit project with our circuit quiz board.


NGSS Learning Standards: 3-PS2-3, 3-PS2-4; 4-PS3-2, 4-PS3-4; 5-PS1-1, 5-PS1-3; MS-PS2-3, MS-PS2-5, MS-PS3-6


Week 2 – Be a Microbiologist: Have you ever wondered what the difference is between bacteria and viruses? Why do some germs make us sick while others do not? Learn how germs are spread from surfaces to you and how your body is built to defend you against these tiny invaders. Follow the path of germs with our Glogerm kit and learn how they pass from surface to surface and how to eliminate them.  Students will learn about the difference between bacteria and a virus, why some bacteria is beneficial and some is harmful, how our body goes about fighting both, and the best techniques for eliminating the germs that make us sick. (kit will include a mini blacklight and blacklight sensitive powder.


NGSS Learning Standards: 4-LS1-1;  PreK-6 Standard 1 Personal Health and Fitness


Week 3 – Force & Friction: Students will gain an enduring understanding of the concepts of force, motion, and friction through a series of hands-on activities. They will participate in hypothesis formulation, data collecting, and problem solving while utilizing concepts of push/pull, momentum, conservation and transference of energy. Each child will create an energy project to that illustrates these ideas.


NGSS Learning Standards: P-PS2-1; K-PS2-1, K-PS2-2; 3-PS2-1, 3-PS2-2; 4-PS3-1, 4-PS3-2, 4-PS3-3; 5-PS2-1; MS-PS2-1, MS-PS2-2, MS-PS3-1


Week 4 – Catapult Engineers: The power of the lever comes to life when participants build a fully operational catapult and, of course, test it out. Students will build their catapult from our kits.


NGSS Learning Standards: 3-5-ETS1-1, 3-5 ETS1-2, 3-5 ETS1-3; MS-ETS1-1, MS-ETS1-2, MS-ETS1-3, MS-ETS1-4