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Join children’s art teacher Melissa Pressler for an enchanting Autumn Art Adventure! In this whimsical children’s art class, young artists will embark on a creative journey through the captivating colors of fall. Using an array of dried leaves and delicate flowers, they will craft their very own paper mache jack-o’-lanterns, bringing the spirit of autumn to life with every brushstroke and leafy flourish. As the crisp air and golden leaves swirl outside, our little artists will channel their inner pumpkin-patch magic to sculpt, paint, and decorate their seasonal masterpieces. Plus, they’ll add a magical finishing touch by placing a soft, warm LED light inside their jack-o’-lanterns, casting a cozy, autumnal glow that will illuminate their artwork and create a heartwarming ambiance.


Celebrate the splendor of autumn in a truly imaginative and hands-on way, igniting their artistic spirits and watching their creativity bloom like the autumn flora that inspires them!


Please note that this event will be held under the big tent at East End Food Market in Riverhead.


East End Food events offer exclusive opportunities to connect with the community through demonstrations, workshops and talks with local leaders. East End Food is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support, promote and advocate for local farmers and producers, while ensuring everyone can enjoy and be nourished by local food.


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