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In cooperation with NASA, Custer Observatory will be participating in this special International Observe the Moon Night event.  This is a worldwide celebration of lunar science and exploration held annually since 2010. One day each year, everyone on Earth is invited to observe and learn about the Moon together, and to celebrate the cultural and personal connections we all have with our nearest celestial neighbor.

Ed Anderson, a member of the Astronomical Society of Long Island (ASLI) and of the Custer Institute, will give a talk from 7pm-8pm about observing the moon.  He will discuss how you can view the moon with binoculars or small telescope, he’ll discuss the best times to view the Moon, useful observing tools, and he’ll identify interesting things that will be visible that night.

After the presentation, if the weather is clear, Custer Observatory dome and other telescopes on site will be open for viewing and guided by Observatory staff.

At 9:00pm we will take an official count of the number of people observing the Moon at one time. Join us!

Admission is FREE.  Donations may be given upon registration or at time of the event and are greatly appreciated. Face masks and social distancing required.