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The East End Seaport Museum & Marine Foundation
Max Moran
“Peconic Bay Seascapes”
 Exhibition & Artist Reception
East End Seaport Museum
 3rd Street, Greenport, NY
 Friday November 25th
2:00 – 5:00 PM

 The East End Seaport Museum is pleased to announce an Artist Reception for “Peconic Bay
Seascapes” an exhibition of paintings on display by North Fork artist Max Moran. You are invited to
join us to celebrate the rich maritime culture of the East End. A portion of all sales will go directly to
support the East End Seaport Museum. Max will provide our guests with a short talk on painting on
the East End and the importance of preserving the regions nautical beauty at 3:00 PM.

 Early in the 1990’s the North Fork and Greenport in particular had its own narrative and was going to
require more than a handful of weekend visits from the city to get a read on it. Moran then settled in
Greenport and started painting the storefronts, people, ships and dockyards recording the character
that made the area authentic and unique. Encouraged by other artists and new friends he made this
town his home. Over 30 years later Moran still resides and creates art on the North Fork.

 According to Moran “While selecting and sorting through the paintings many memories came back to
me like messages in a bottle. The East End Seaport Museum is a place where those messages can
be seen, read and experienced, providing us a history of place”.

Registration is preferred

 East End Seaport Museum
631 477 2100
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Max Moran Telephone: Telephone: 631 902 7537
Email: [email protected]