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Our Fruit & Wine tours are one of a kind. The tour makes special stops between winery, orchard, and beach  to explore the beauty of the North Fork.

Enjoy an enriched tour experience from the most experienced guides on the North Fork Ride in comfort on either a single or tandem bicycle

Explore Long Island during a 14 Mile Relaxing Ride through the North Fork Countryside

Refuel with unlimited non-alcoholic refreshments

Gain privileged access to vineyard fields

Delight in artisanal oil & fine vinegar tastings throughout your tour

Pay a visit to local farm stands (originals that began over 40 yrs. ago) where you can purchase freshly made jams, pies, fruits, and vegetables for your home

Stroll down Love Lane for Long Island’s one-of-a-kind shopping experiences. (easy access to shopping district after your tour)

We also include a support vehicle to transport any purchases you make along the way

Professional camera to capture moments from your day, which will be available for free download

Duration: Approximately 5 Hours

Distance: Approximately 13.5 miles

Start Time: 10 am

Available Days: Weekends and A Few Select Weekdays