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In this remote lecture, Justine Haupt will talk about why we know dark energy exists, what it is and isn’t, the kinds of telescopes that can be used to probe its nature, and the promising possibility of unraveling its nature by using radio telescopes to map the universe at the largest scales.

Justine Haupt is a developer of astronomy instrumentation at Brookhaven National Laboratory. She was on the sensor development team for the Vera Rubin Telescope and is currently working on a radio telescope and a quantum networking experiment. She sits on the board of directors of the Custer Observatory in Southold, NY where she serves as the radio astronomy chair, and is actively engaged in astronomy and STEM outreach. She’s also an aerotow pilot for the Long Island Soaring Association and owner of an open source technology company

This lecture will be held virtually from Custer Observatory.  Admission is FREE; registration required at