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Welcome to “Cook A Fish, Give A Fish”! In this unique and memorable cooking class, you will learn to cook delicious local seafood dishes alongside some of the finest chefs from the region. This class is also an educational experience in which fisheries experts will be in attendance to teach you everything you want to know about our local fisheries and the many benefits of choosing locally harvested seafood. All while an expert chef teaches you how to turn fresh fish straight from the sea into a fabulous meal you can share with your friends and family!

The best part – 100% of the ticket price goes towards providing local seafood for Long Island families in need (25 meals per ticket)!

The June 2nd event will be led by acclaimed Culinary Nutritionist, Author of What The Fork Are You Eating, Founder of Stefanie Sacks. Stefanie will be teaching guests how to prepare “Reinvented Lobster Rolls” made with monkfish and sea robin. Monkfish are harvested right off the coast of Long Island. This delicious fish is known as “poor man’s lobster” since the meat is firm and similar in texture to lobster. Sea robins are abundant on Long Island and many people have caught them but never tried them. They are a surprisily delicious local fish which is gaining popularity. Both monkfish and sea robins are smart seafood choices because they are sustainably managed and responsibly harvested under strict U.S. regulations.

This in-person live cooking event will be held on Friday June 2nd from 5:30-7pm at the East End Food Market at 139 Main Road in Riverhead NY.

What to expect at a “Cook a Fish, Give a Fish!” class

This live, in-person “Cook A Fish, Give A Fish” class will be facilitated by East End Food Institute’s Outreach and Education Coordinator, Eric Grossman, along with Cornell Cooperative Extension Fisheries Specialist, Kristin Gerbino. Culinary instructions and step-by-step guidance on how to prepare “Reinvented Lobster Roll” will be provided by Stefanie Sacks. After the cooking demo, guests will get to sample the delicious food prepared along with a wine pairing. Get ready to learn everything you need to know about choosing, purchasing, preparing and tasting the best local seafood Long Island has to offer. This is a fun, social setting, and you are invited to actively participate and interact!

Purchase you ticket today and help support Cornell Cooperative Extension and East End Food Institute in their mission to feed healthy, fresh fish to the community in need.