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Chick Days is Coming! Sat Mar 23rd

Community Event

Chick Days 2024 – – Sat March 23rd 10am to 3pm

Learn Everything about Raising a Backyard Poultry Flock!

Learn how to raise baby chicks

Poultry Feeding, Housing, Common Problems & Solutions

Ducks, Turkeys, Guinea Keets and other Fowl too!

Plenty of Opportunity for Questions & Answers

  • Guest Speaker – Tiffany Wyman of Nutrena Feeds
  • Free Presentation – Chicken Chat 101 Starting at 11 am
  • Encore Presentation at 1 pm
  • Free but must RSVP to 631 727 3100 to Attend
  • Meet Tiffany between presentations – Get Free Advice on Raising a Backyard Flock!
  • All Poultry Supplies Will Be On Sale That Day!

Order Your Baby Chicks Today at

Mark your calendars and RSVP today to 631 727 3100 , or email [email protected]