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The Suffolk Theater in Riverhead, New York, I will be presenting the instructional program “Active Shooter Incidents: Prevent…Prepare…Respond…Survive” at the majestic and historic landmark theater at 7:00pm on April 25, 2023. The program is open to the public and admission is FREE. It is not an exaggeration to say that the information provided may quite literally save your life.

Active Shooter Incidents/Mass Shootings can occur in the workplace, at schools, private and public gatherings, concerts, malls and restaurants, on public transportation, and just about anywhere. And it is no secret that the number of incidents is rising. Since these incidents happen quickly and are almost always over before law enforcement arrives or engages the shooter, it is imperative to survival that one knows the correct ways to respond. After Action Studies have clearly shown that in many incidents a number of victims died when the means to survive was available to them. Being prepared by having the awareness and education of the correct response procedures and tactics can make the
difference between life and death. These courses teach those methods, as well as providing detailed instruction on how to utilize Situational Awareness to identify danger before it happens. This awareness of recognizing a threat, combined with the correct response methods, is crucial to survival.  The information and tactical responses discussed were recommended and provided by the FBI, the U.S. Secret Service, and the Department of Homeland Security.