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Hannah Selinger

11/13/17 6:06am

Turkeys at Miloski’s Poultry Farm in Calverton. (Credit: Krysten Massa)

When it comes to turkey, fresh, frozen and kosher are the three mainstream choices consumers face today. That said, certified organic, free-range and heritage breed (sustainably raised old-fashioned breeds that were once common on American farms) are increasingly available. You’ll pay top dollar for them, but typically they will reward you with great flavor.

And don’t feel beholden to the American standard-bearer of birds. Long Island offers a wealth of diversity and the North Fork’s sprawling farms offer everything from duck to guinea hen. Here are five poultry farms you should consider for your holiday feasts. (more…)

10/02/17 6:01am

Charolais cattle at McCall Vineyards and Ranch in Cutchogue. (Credit: Connor Harrigan/McCall courtesy photo)

The white Charolais cows that roam McCall Ranch’s 40 acres are unlike traditional American cows. They are leaner, devoid of spots and stark white. According to the men and women who work with them, the cows nuzzle up against people, the way dogs do. (more…)