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Hoblin hangs artwork by Melinda Hackett before the show. (Photo credit: Lee Meyer)

I don’t know what percentage of artists actually make a living creating the beautiful, thought-provoking, disturbing, grounding, disorienting, life-affirming (and however else a piece of work might move you) pieces and installations that they do, but I’d venture to guess it’s a pretty small number.

Isn’t this the thing about creative people, though? They can’t help it. And finding places to display their work for those who appreciate, and even crave, art for art’s sake is a labor of love all its own, too.

When Lee Meyer came to me and said, “Hey, the Fiedler Art Gallery is reopening and this is a really exciting story!” I’m really glad I listened. The surrounding Greenport community seemed really thirsty for this Front Street spot to get a much-needed dusting off and the place is already buzzing with good vibes. Meyer got to the facts (and the heart) of the story and it definitely spurred me through the door of this two-floor spot next to Tony’s barber shop. I hope it does for you, too.

The North Fork Art Collective at the Fiedler Gallery. (Photo credit: Lee Meyer photo)

Read the story here.