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Most of Kim Dyla’s time is spent outside, whether on her seven mile walks or in her garden. (Photo credit: Lilly Parnell)

Exploring local efforts to improve the ecosystem is a highlight of what I get to report on here at Northforker. When I came across Kim Dyla’s Instagram @thescratchiest, I was delighted to see her foraged bounty found along her daily walking route and needed to know more. Her knowledge of local edible berries and plants intrigued me and I knew I had to reach out.

When I arrived at Dyla’s home in Southold, I was floored by the number of things — most of which I never heard of or didn’t know grew in New York — she grew on her half-acre of land. Dyla noted that she lets things grow wherever in her garden, and it was evident how easily her plants thrived in the chaos.

The majority of things Dyla grows as well as forages for are then jarred, canned and made into strudel and she even shared with me her foraged cherry strudel recipe — a summer favorite.

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