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Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard opened their new Margaritaville-inspired bar featuring frozen wine cocktails. (Photo Credit: Lilly Parnell)

Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard invites everyone to try their fan-favorite frozen wine-a-ritas in four flavors at the brand-new Wine-a-Ritaville bar located in The Backyard. 

“We introduced one frozen wine-a-rita flavor last year and it was super popular – especially during the summer months,” said Steven Kelly, general manager at Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard. “This year we decided to play on Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville and convert a building in The Backyard to a new themed bar for guests to order at.”  

Following the stone path outside of the tasting room, you won’t miss Wine-a-Ritaville. With its massive orange and yellow surfboard sign above the bar and sloth stuffed animals adorned with BHFV bandanas surrounding the counter, guests are transported to a tropical paradise without leaving Calverton. 

“We knew we wanted to have an animal character as our mascot for the new bar,” said Michelle Damiano, vineyard captain. “Our illustrator added the sloth holding onto the wine glass to the logo and it stuck.” 

The wine-a-ritas come in four distinct flavors using their own wines. The bubblegum pink Cosmo and creamy white Piña Colada are made with BHFV’s 2016 Riesling. Their deep red Merlot Zaiquiri – named after an employee Zack who favored the frozen red wine during the staff taste test – is made with their 2015 Merlot. BHFV also offers a non-alcoholic blueberry pomegranate slushie for those wanting to enjoy the frozen deliciousness without the alcohol. 

Captain’s Cocktail, Slip N’ Slide and Baiting Hollow Breeze are three of the six specialty cocktails served at the new bar. (Photo Credit: Lilly Parnell)

Add a wine blend floater to kick it up a notch. In collaboration with the Riverhead-based Montauk Distilling Co. and Twin Stills Moonshine, several types of liquor floaters are available as well. 

Six specialty cocktails are available for purchase at the new bar. The Cosmo wine-a-Rita comes in two varieties: the Baiting Hollow Breeze with a Mirage floater and the Paris in Paradise – named after local singer-songwriter Paris Ray – which has a raspberry moonshine floater. The piña colada wine-a-rita specialty cocktails are the Slip N’ Slide, featuring BHFV’s Savannah Rosé and Pirate’s Pleasure, with a spiced rum floater. The Merlot Zaiquiri comes in Captain’s Cocktail with a Mirage floater and the Sexy Sloth with a raspberry moonshine floater. 

The new bar menu also features a collection of Sail Away Coffee. Guests can order a nitro cold brew with the option to add a shot of whisky or bourbon cream and a cold-pressed white peach tea with the option to add Reisiling. A coffee cocktail called Kelly Coffee – named after the general manager – is also available, featuring the nitro cold brew with straight bourbon and bourbon cream. 

Wine-a-ritas and coffee are available all summer long in The Backyard. Reservations are recommended for small groups and required for larger parties. Those interested in booking their own private table in The Backyard on Saturdays and Sundays can call Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard or go online. The vineyard is open Thursdays through Mondays starting at noon.