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Montauk Distilling Co. now serves four booze-infused ice creams in their collaboration with Tipsy Scoop. (Photo credit: Lilly Parnell)

In collaboration with the New York City-based ice cream company Tipsy Scoop, Montauk Distilling Co. now serves boozy ice cream flights and pints, just in time for the summer. 

The idea to infuse Montauk Distilling Co.’s alcohol with ice cream brewed between general manager Danielle Danowski, her tasting room manager Melanie Austin and founder of Tipsy Scoop Melissa Tavss for several months. 

“Melanie and I are always coming up with fun drinks to serve in our tasting room,” said Danowski. “We were following Tipsy Scoop on Instagram for some time and shot them a DM asking about potentially collaborating with a few of our liquors. Melissa was enthusiastic to share her ideas and work with us on a few different flavors.” 

Montauk Distilling Co. offers two types of infused ice cream. Their creamy root beer float is a take on classic nostalgia – infused with their cinnamony Sunburn Rum and complete with a cherry on top. The second ice-cream-based creation is the apple pie, which combines their Apple Tunney with vanilla and caramel and is topped with a dollop of whipped cream and a piece of apple pie. 

“The flavors we use mask the taste of the booze perfectly. Each of our pints has about two and a half to three ounces of liquor but honestly, you can’t even taste it, but after a while, you will feel it,” said Danowski.

The tasting room also offers two boozy sorbet flavors. Their strawberry lemonade is intoxicatingly sweet, infused with the Distilling Co.’s Modico Vodka. Their tropical rum punch – a spin on a summertime favorite – infuses their Bellamy Spiced Rum with orange and pineapple. 

“Melanie and I submitted a few potential flavor ideas to Melissa and she came back with exactly what we were looking for,” said Danowski. “All three of us were able to use our ideas and it is a fun little partnership we have going. We’re hoping to continue when the seasons change and introduce some more fall-centric flavors.” 

Those who visit the Riverhead tasting room can purchase the ice cream in various ways. For those who want to spend the day at Montauk Distilling Co., they offer a $40 flight of boozy frozen treats. Each is also served in an individual glass if you know exactly what you’re looking for. For those who prefer bringing their booze home or to the beach, pints to-go are for sale at the bar, ranging in price from $16 to $18. 

This is not Tipsy Scoop’s first collaboration with a North Fork-based alcohol company – Tavss has had a continuing partnership with Bridge Lane Wine for the past two summers. 

“The stars aligned this summer for me and the team at Montauk,” said Tavss. “I love working with locally-based New York spirit companies and it’s super exciting to have opportunities to share our ice cream beyond New York City.” 

These sweet treats are exclusive to Montauk Distilling Co. – to try them for yourself, visit their tasting room at 24 East 2nd Street in Riverhead. Tipsy Scoop currently has three “barlors” located in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Long Beach, to see a full list of their flavors, check out their website