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Tres Leches Cake from The Treatery (Photo credit: Victoria Caruso)

I have a confession to make — I’m in love with The Treatery in Jamesport. The new bake shop, run by Christina Padrazo, is conveniently located on my commute home from work, tempting me on the daily to make a quick stop in for something sweet. 

Over the last few months, I’ve become an explorer of the menu, indulging in sweet and savory bites like freshly made chocolate chip cookies, refreshing smoothies and gourmet grilled cheeses. Most recently, I was drawn to a beautifully decorated mini tres leches cake sitting in the display case. The cake was topped with a billowy layer of whipped cream and the word “LECHE” had been artfully inscribed on top with a delicate dusting of cinnamon. 

As soon as I received the cake, I wasted no time digging in.

It was just as delicious as its presentation had suggested — it had a light, spongy texture and was the perfect balance of creamy and sweet. 

After speaking with Padrazo, I learned that the cake is a cherished family recipe, introduced to the store by one of its newest bakers, Erika Alvizures. Passed down to her by her great aunt while she was living in Guatemala, Alvizures was eager to bring the recipe to life in the bake shop and share the traditional dessert with customers. For days, she and Padrazo worked together to perfect the recipe, giving samples to customers for feedback and experimenting with different variations of it. The end result? A traditional tasting tres leches cake with a rich, milky flavor and hints of vanilla and cinnamon. 

The meringue-style cake gets its flavor from being soaked twice in a cold milk bath — the first time for about six hours while it cools and the second time for 24 hours. Despite being soaked for so long, it’s not soggy, but rather moist and tender. Right before it’s put on display, the bakers top it off with a generous amount of whipped cream, saving this step until the very end to ensure that the cake doesn’t become too watery. The cream balances out the sweetness of the cake while still satisfying your sweet tooth. 

After tasting my way through the Treatery menu these last few months, I can confirm that these pocket-sized tres leches cakes have earned their place on my (long) list of favorites.

Looking to dig your fork into one of these cakes? The Treatery is located at 1564 Main Road in Jamesport. Call 631-779-2883 or visit for more information.