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Carl Timpone, Val Chase and Terry Daniels offer people on the North Fork a way to find their inner peace through guided meditation (Photo Credit: North Fork Meditation)

Taking a moment of mindfulness in the chaos of our daily lives can be difficult, especially when trying to do it alone. North Fork Meditation is changing that. 

In a small barn in the heart of Mattituck, North Fork Meditation offers two weekly classes on how to cultivate deep inner peace and happiness. Their classes include teachings of Dharma — a Buddhist practice regarding the nature of reality as a universal truth as well guided meditation. 

“We teach a variety of Buddhist beliefs,” said co-teacher Carl Timpone. “But we present them in a way for people who might not be Buddhist to still benefit from the teachings.” 

The idea to teach these practices began on the South Fork. Timpone, Val Chase and Terry Daniels learned the principles of Dharma at Kadampa Meditation Center- The Hamptons in Water Mill. The trio met and studied together there, decided to hold similar classes on the North Fork and began leading meditation at local yoga studios and wellness centers. 

Val Chase found meditation when she offered to help her friend find alternative ways to soothe her anxiety (Photo Credit: North Fork Meditation)

That is until this past October when they decided to find a more permanent home. They rented and converted a small barn on Pike St., between Wickham Ave. and Love Ln. Over the past few months, the trio has worked to convert what once was a workshop into a warm and calming space, welcoming everyone who wishes to learn or practice meditation, no matter the experience level. 

“We always sensed a strong interest in meditation on the North Fork,” said Timpone. “We wanted to create a non-judgmental space where people find community in like-minded individuals looking for inner peace.” 

The purpose of these classes is to calm a chaotic mind. Aside from Daniels and Timpone, the twice-weekly meditations are guided by three other teachers: Neil Toyota, Elizabeth Muzyka and Gen Nyema. Each class has a different overarching theme or goal to lead the meditation. 

“Our main topic in the majority of our classes is inner peace,” said Timpone. “We want to make sure people are completely aware of their potential to abide in a happy and peaceful mind, no matter what external circumstance may arise. Once that’s established, we teach compassion, love and kindness, equanimity, and how this can be applied in our relationships.” 

In the time since North Fork Meditation opened its permanent space to the public, classes have averaged around ten people. They are hosted on Friday evenings from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. and Sunday from 11a.m. to 12:30 p.m., additionally during the months of March and April on select Sunday mornings and afternoons at the *Sound View in Greenport as part of their “Month Of Wellness” program. (see link to free pre-registration at

Classes are taught in a converted barn in Mattituck (Photo Credit: North Fork Meditation)

“These classes offer a clear path to understanding our own minds,” said Chase. “It’s fascinating how these principles are so old, yet we are dealing with the same human difficulties that they experienced thousands of years ago.” 

A donation for the classes is suggested at $10 to $15 and there is no sign up is not required but is encouraged. Those experienced in practicing Buddhist teachings or who are just curious to try meditation are encouraged to stop in for a class. 

It’s important to know that we’re not unpacking everything we have going on in our minds,” said Timpone. “Many of the people who have joined our classes so far come to the realization that without inner peace, outer peace is impossible. We are teaching you how to re-engage with your mind in new ways, even if it’s just briefly. We want to connect to something more peaceful, perhaps something that we didn’t know existed and then rejoice in that discovery and continue to practice it.” 

A full list of classes and detailed information can be found on their website here.