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A colorful array of juices at The Giving Room in Southold. (Credit: Victoria Caruso)

In the middle of winter, an icy smoothie or cold-pressed juice might not be the first drink that comes to mind, but it may be precisely what you need. When it comes to winter wellness, smoothies and juices are a quick and easy way to reach your daily dose of essential vitamins and boost your immune system.

We’ve compiled a list of colorful, nutrient-packed smoothies and juices from across the North Fork that are sure to brighten any gray winter day. 

BRAIN SHOT | The Giving Room, Southold

A perfect balance of sweet and spicy, this juice is made from freshly squeezed oranges, carrots, lemon, ginger and turmeric. $12/16 oz. 

HYDRATING SMOOTHIE | Goodfood., Mattituck 

Melon, cucumber, mint, lime and honey are blended to create a refreshing drink that’s reminiscent of a day at the spa. $7.95/16 oz., $10.95/24 oz. 

CLOUD SMOOTHIE | SpecialTea House, Greenport 

Fluffy clouds of coconut yogurt are submersed in a dreamy hue of grayish blue. Made from dates, banana, homemade almond milk, blue spirulina, lion’s mane powder and a nut butter of your choice, this sweet and creamy smoothie offers mental clarity and a cognitive boost. $17/16 oz. 

LOVEBOAT | Brekky, Wading River 

The perfect match for a Valentine’s day brunch, this sweet and indulgent smoothie combines cherry, raspberry, cacao, banana, oat milk, organic chocolate protein powder and Nutella. $6.50/16 oz., $7.50/24 oz. 

DETOX | Maria’s Kitchen, Shelter Island 

Looking for an immune boost? Pineapple, apple, lime and ginger juice are mixed to create a drink that’s loaded with vitamin C. $10/16 oz., $15/24 oz. 

MR. STRAWBERRY BANANA | Juice Eternity, Riverhead 

No smoothie list would be complete without this classic flavor combo. The ingredients are sweet and simple — strawberries, bananas, raw honey and almond milk are blended together to achieve this popular smoothie. $7.95/12 oz., $8.95/20 oz. 

IMMUNITY BOOST | Feelin O2 Good, Riverhead 

Let your mind drift away to a warm and sunny place with this blend of mango, pineapple, banana, protein and almond milk. The tropical fruits in this drink are not only delicious, but provide an excellent source of immune-boosting nutrients like vitamin A, C, B6 and bromelain, $13.50/22 oz. 

DIGESTION | Sarikopa Coffee House, Riverhead 

Spinach, beet, carrot and apple juices are combined to create a drink that has anti-inflammatory properties and is chock full of fiber, aiding in digestion. $9.50/12 oz., $11.98/16 oz., $13.95/18 oz.