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thesalting at Lumber+Salt (Credit: Conor Harrigan/Courtesy Lumber+Salt)

In a spacious, two-story barn adjacent to Sherwood House Vineyards, there’s something new and exciting from the Lumber+Salt team.

Lumber+Salt is hosting thesalting, a unique, unisex fashion brand by fashion designers Michael Ward and Manel Garcia Espejo, in a pop-up residency at the barn through October. The clothes — flowy, comfortable, colorful and elegant — are just one element of what’s on display at thesalting pop-up, along with local wares and goods from North Fork artisans, as well as fine art lining the walls. 

The common word of “salt” is no coincidence.

“thesalting and Lumber+Salt found each other right before Covid,” said Brooke Cantone of Lumber+Salt. “We had this social media interaction and our brand ethos’ were in sync. The ‘salt’ really did bring us together. Lumber+Salt has a basis of the lumber being the foundation and the building and the salt being the finishing touch.”

The two groups came together and worked to reimagine the barn. The response, so far, has been extremely positive.

thesalting at Lumber+Salt (Credit: Conor Harrigan/Courtesy Lumber+Salt)

“We get to be in this beautiful space together and people are liking how thoughtful it is,” Ward said. “Hopefully we’re speaking to a wide audience and hopefully there’s something for everybody.”

The design of the barn pop-up feels very modular, an intentional decision. The handcrafted wooden clothing racks can be moved around the barn as the design and offerings evolve. Lumber+Salt’s penchant for reclaimed items — like vintage oars along the walls holding some of thesalting’s products — helps give it a familiar charm to anyone who’s visited Lumber+Salt’s Sound Avenue yard. Currently, thesalting is showcasing the art of Julie Bowers Murphy and in the future there are plans for renowned local photographer EJ Camp’s work to be shown. 

One goal of both Ward and Cantone was to make the boutique inclusive. Other items for sale include necklaces by Sasha Samuel made from stones she found around the North Fork, all made to be unisex.

“[Sasha’s] outreach was female, but we talked with her about looking at what she does through the eyes of inclusiveness,” Ward said.

Some other local items include a box of Disset Chocolate made specifically for thesalting, ceramics and more.

Fans of fashion will likely have already heard of thesalting. The brand has a dedicated following and they’ve even provided outfits for the likes of Oprah. Their clothes are being sold at Bergdorf Goodman.

True to Lumber+Salt, everything at the store is for sale, including the display tables.

thesalting’s residency has been extended in the barn through October.

“How blessed are we to have thesalting along for our journey?” Cantone said. “I hope people walk in the door and they feel at home here.”

Find thesalting at Lumber+Salt at 1291 Main Road, Jamesport, adjacent to Sherwood House Vineyards.