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Stephanie Sack (left) and Elyse Merrifield of Popsicle & Finn in Greenport. (Credit: Lee Meyer)

Sisters Stephanie Sack and Elyse Merrifield, who own Greenport clothing boutique Popsicle & Finn, are ready for their second year on Front Street.

“We survived our first year!” Sack said. “We were like, ‘We’ll either be geniuses or idiots in a year so we’ll see how it goes!’

Merrifield added that the success was based on trust. 

“Because we have brands that people know, and they’ve come to trust us over the last year, they’re super excited to be introduced to these up-and-coming brands as well,” she said. 

Popsicle & Finn has become a favorite in town among locals and tourists alike. Guests will often come in after spending a day at the beach or a winery looking for something nice to wear to dinner.

“We’ve found that a lot of people will come out here for a day of vineyards and get a hotel room to stay overnight and not realize that it’s nicer than they thought,” Merrifield said. “So they’ll come in and buy a dress, a top to wear.”

The shop also has home goods, Popsicle & Finn-branded shirts and more.

Here are the most popular items at Popsicle & Finn, starting with a summer favorite.

These flip-flops are handmade on Corfu for Popsicle & Finn. (Credit: Lee Meyer)

The store carries flip-flops that are handmade for the store on the island of Corfu. “They have extra-thick soles, so you’re safe on the shells,” Sack said.

Eau d’Italie soaps and fragrances

These soaps and fragrances are a product of Le Sirenuse Positano, a hotel and high-end brand from Italy.

Think Royln handbags

Popsicle & Finn is the only carrier of Think Royln handbags on the North Fork. “They’re always popular,” Merrifield said. “They fly out the door.” 

Faherty all-day shorts

Faherty’s shorts are made from recycled materials and can be worn for chores, swimming and more. “The only problem is guys won’t take them off and their wives complain,” joked Sack.

Caudalie skincare

Caudalie’s natural skincare products “push the boundaries in cleanliness testing innovation,” said Sack. 

Popsicle & Finn (Credit: Lee Meyer)

Check out Popsicle & Finn at 15 Front Street, Greenport.