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Rena Wilhelm at her Greenport shop, The Weathered Barn. (Credit: Rachel Siford)

Weathered Barn is a personable store where you can shop for home fragrances, bath and body collections, kitchen needs, bags, jewelry and more.  

Perhaps owner Rena Wilhelm put it best when she said, “I always refer to my shop as an ever-loving boutique.” 

Her operation has many facets from creating and curating products to close interaction with her customer base to displaying her artisan collections for purchase. And since she’s always excited to share her ideas and creations with her customers, you might stumble across new items at Weathered Barn that you didn’t see last time.

“I will often design or purchase new products to see if they get any traction. If they are received well, I will more than likely create an entire section in the store dedicated to a new idea,” she said.

When we asked what her most popular items are, here’s what she came up with.

Canvas padded tablet cross body bag 

“The canvas tablet bag is from our Army Surplus supplier. The strap extends, allowing for a cross body fit. It is slim and hugs the body and has a padded interior to protect your iPad or other delicate items,” Wilhelm said.

Coming in five different colors, this bag is made with vintage washed canvas and can be found on the Weathered Barn website labeled under “Canvas Military Tech Bag.”

Wood charcuterie boards

An array of different wood boards such as olivewood and caro caro are sold at the store and used for charcuterie displays.   

“Putting together a charcuterie board has become an art form,” adds Wilhelm.

(Credit: David Benthal)

Devil’s Walking Stick soy candle

The 8-ounce candle is hand poured into an amber glass jar and is named after the mountainous plant, Devil’s Walking Stick. With notes of Herbaceous, balsam, citrus bergamot, warm sandalwood, woodsy patchouli and violet it reminds one of traipsing through a deciduous forest in the fall. 

“It is a truly unique unisex fragrance and its name always peaks a bit of curiosity,” Wilhelm said.

Lemongrass Oatmeal cold process soap

An all-natural 3.5 ounce bar of soap with a rich lather, it’s made with saponified oils of olive, coconut, palm, lemongrass, essential oil and oatmeal. Good for normal to oily skin types and even aids itches from poison ivy and insect bites.

“The scent is invigorating, but not overpowering and the oatmeal is a great skin soother,” she said.

Copper-tipped serving utensils 

The store has all the utensils you need – spoons, knives, forks, etc. And all the ones you maybe didn’t realize you’d need – cheese utensils, olive scooper, and condiment spreader. They’re each individually and expertly tipped in copper.  

“Our copper-tipped utensils were the biggest surprise … it seems every person wants to give and receive them as the perfect hostess gift,” she said.